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Tired of paying money to file your own taxes?

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Don't get stressed out and sit behind your computer all day just call or text me to get started. Get the best prices in town and great service! 
  • File online or in-person
  • Personal tax preparation
  • It's easy and fast
  • Federal e-file
  • State e-file ( All states )
  • Best prices in town
  • Expert advice and support all year
  • Local office
  • TaxDefend Audit Protection
  • Privacy and protection of your information
  • Storage of your documents
  • Fast & Friendly service
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have extra help with your taxes. 
  • Expert information regarding current tax law
  • Refund Transfers
  • Make it easy on yourself
Tax Pro Nathan Schultz
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Why do all of that work yourself when you can have a pro do it for you without all of the hassle? 

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Tax Pro Nathan Schultz
Our tax pro Nathan Schultz is an experienced and licensed and bondeded NATP and CTEC tax professional. Nathan takes client privacy seriously, and your private information is protected. All of your tax documents are stored securely offsite in the cloud, and no paper records are stored annually in the office. Nathan is licensed with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC #A308890) and is bonded with Surety Bonds (# 100422546). Nathan has a Professional Tax Identification Number with the IRS ( PTIN #P02216384 ). Nathan is also an active member of the National Association of Tax Preparers (NATP). Nathan is an authorized e-filer with the FTB and the IRS. Nathan can file your taxes regardless of your state of residency. Nathan attends professional development year-round and is knowledgeable regarding the latest tax information each year. 
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