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Benefits to you
  • A personal relationship ALL YEAR with Nathan our tax pro that you can call or text if you have a tax situation arise, or if you need information

  • The peace of mind to know your refund is secure

  • Audit professionals that will defend you if you get audited

  • Identity theft protection for issues relating to the IRS

  • Annual protection

  • Hassle-free process

  • Professional handling of all correspondence required from you to the IRS

  • Immediate access to protection

Zip Identity Theft Protection

This is a protection plan to ensure that if you are a victim of IRS fraud, you will rightfully receive your refund. The service is $20.00 and it includes the audit protection service and the premium tax service.

Not only does identity theft protection assure you that a professional will be by your side if your refund is victimized by identity theft, but for the same low price we have thrown in audit protection and our premium tax service. There is no reason to pay for three products when you can get it all wrapped up in one putting your mind at ease that your refund will be safe. Protect yourself with the identity product that will ensure you GET the refund due to you.

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Zip Audit Protection
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No one wants to be audited but the truth is, it can and does happen so it is important to be protected. With our TaxDefend™ product, if you are audited, we will be there to help you.

If you are audited, our product includes:

  • Working with you to develop a plan of response

  • IRS follow-up

  • Prepping the IRS documents and response for you

  • Licensed representation at IRS meetings

  • A peace of mind that you are not alone during this time

Not only does it assure you that a professional will be by your side if you are audited but for the same low price we have thrown in identity theft assurance, and our premium tax service.

Zip Premium Tax Service
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What if you have a tax question this year? What if there are big events in your life this year that alter your tax situation? What if you would like to make changes to improve your tax situation? Where will you turn for information? 

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